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What is INSCAPE ?

INSCAPE is an integrated suite of software tools, especially designed to meet industry’s need to create interactive stories for use in Training and Simulation, Cartoon Animation, Edutainment / Infotainment, Cinema & Television.


INSCAPE integrates a whole range of processes and tools which are necessary for authoring non-linear interactive stories from idea to implementation. In INSCAPE, authors can write (or copy) an interactive story idea, sketch (or import) images, make storyboards. Having assembled the assets, INSCAPE provides the tools necessary to produce the interactive story itself by importing and organising the story assets (2D, 3D, audio and video) and composing them to achieve the desired result, then playing back and testing the interactive story before exporting it.

In INSCAPE, the story is represented in three ways: by a story plan (in the Story Planner), by a schematic representation of story elements and links (in the Story Editor), and finally, the full rendered version (in the Stage Editor). The story elements are stored in a library, and these INSCAPE objects are extended with metadata to make arranging, sorting and searching easier.

The software is designed so that the creative process can be supported and shared effectively between members in a creative team. In this way INSCAPE supports a range of talents, processes and workflows and represents a unique tool for the authoring of interactive content.

Core Features

Please see INSCAPE Core Features to find more about INSCAPE.

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