Project - Milestones

February 2005 - Initial User Requirements and Specification

  • Two end-user workshops have been organised (kick off + requirements and specification review)
  • The initial end-user requirements as well as the state-of-the-art and the specification report for the alpha release have been delivered.
  • The Design report of the INSCAPE framework and SDK is available
  • Concepts, techniques, tools, candidate systems to interoperate with, standards to comply with, and targeted platforms have been selected according to the end-user requirements and techno watch results.
  • Scenarios and data for test purpose are available to the developers.
  • An Open Community private area of the INSCAPE website is open.

August 2005 - a Release design

  • The a release of the framework, the SDK and the interoperability modules are available.
  • The a releases of the subsystems have been designed.
  • Foundational research has started.
  • Alpha specifications are fully available.

April 2006 - a Release of components

  • The a releases of the components are available for integration.

August 2007 - b Release

  • End of the development and validation of the b release.

August 2008 - End of the project - Final release

  • End of the development and validation of the final release.
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